Protecting trademarks, brands and innovations is cornerstone to social and economic success. We believe that all creators, no matter how big or small they are, should have access to a platform which provides transparent, fair, and affordable tools to protect, maintain and enforce intellectual assets. Easy trademarks is one of many solutions we have built in order to make high growth lucrative markets accessible and transparent for all trademark owners.

Lack of transparency, price discrimination and lack of technological tools available in native languages impede trademark protection, enforcement and maintenance in the emerging markets. We are on a mission to change that:

By providing local, regional and international trademark owners and their consultants with tools to:

1. Trademark Protection - Make the protection process more transparent, smooth and can be properly budgeted for;
2. Trademark surveillance - Assist you in watching the market in the native language to obtain accurate results; and
3. Trademark Management - Smoothly and efficiently manage their IP portfolio so that they can focus on the business while we focus on how to make you utilize and increase the value of your Intellectual property portfolio.

By providing local governments and public institutions with tools to assist brand owners with navigating the technical, legal and language barriers of local markets.

1. Technologies made for the local market
2. Solutions that work on local languages
3. Increase efficiency, increase accuracy and increase consistency in decision making process

Long term partnerships with local governments in order to succeed in the Journey.

Our Story

We are a women run legal technology company that was founded in the United states with interests in high growth emerging markets. Our background ranges from finance, data science, business, software development and most importantly law. Whenever we attended conferences, all we heard of was how hard, complex and opaque it is to manage, protect and enforce trademarks and intellectual property in emerging markets, specifically in the Middle east, Africa and Asia.

Our team vowed to bring cutting edge technology, world renounced professionalism and deep understanding of local laws in one product offering: easy trademarks.

We promise to give our clients:

1. Direct access to local markets
2. Transparency in processes and costs
3. Technological solutions to decrease protection costs
4. Technological solutions and a professional team to flag risky positions

We have won several awards from Universities and initiatives in the United States and the Middle East to help launch this solution. We are always looking for partnerships and collaborations and believe in mutual growth. We grow with our community. Reach out to us by email or on social if you want to start the conversation.

Our Values








Who we are?

We are a team of lawyers, legal professionals, developers, data scientists, financial advisors and marketers with decades of experience working with international firms. We understand the value of diversity and technology and bring it to clients in everything we do. Our engineering and data teams match this operational expertise with decades of experience in building intuitive, data-driven technology. We understand business and the importance of a brand in driving and fueling growth. Our Co-Founders are well reputed in the field with diverse backgrounds in both Business and Intellectual property ensuring we always tackle matters in a unique and impactful manner.

Why Us?

We know the culture, we know the process, we know the system and we know how important your IP assets are for you.
We have your back regardless of your budget, whether you would like to do it yourself through guide modules, or request the tailored services, we have you covered and protected.
We have a fiduciary responsibility and commitment to provide you with transparent honest and professional services
We have a combined experience of more than a decade, and our team members are available and will provide you with guidance throughout the process.
Transparency in process, timeframe and fees is our commitment, you will never be surprised by an action we did not inform you about, or a bill you did not expect.

Our Suppliers

Building a trusted network of suppliers

Our customers get access to our network of top-notch suppliers. We apply a rigorous audit process for each one, ensuring quality and professional alignment for any brand they work with. Through our global team, we perform visits and conduct an intensive audit for professionalism, technological capabilities, quality control, and anti-bribery and corruption commitment. In addition, suppliers train on our platform and are committed to our client’s success pledged by their underlying insurance policies, and their financial commitments and guarantees pledged to our platform.

Our Amazing Team

The team behind our success is as important as our firm. Please feel free to reach out to us and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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Co Founder
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