How to Create a Strong Trademark

A trademark is a name, the identity of your business, product, or service. Just like parents spend 9 months coming up and brainstorming baby names, coming up with your company name requires some time, effort and creativity. Before we discuss how to create a strong trademark, we will define a trademark, then set the key attributes, and finally we will discuss how to create a strong mark;
Wha ...
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Trade License Vs. Trademark

If you’re building a brand and investing in advertising, hoping that customers can find you, you’ll want to protect your business name properly so no one else can use it.
Most of the time new business owners are confused between the difference of registering their business name or getting a business license vs registering a trademark.
Difference between registering your ...
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Four Types of IP your Startup Must protect

While cash is king at any startup, Intellectual Property (IP) is often one of the most valuable assets for early-stage ventures, but it does not get much attention until an investor or partner initiates DD due diligence. IP ownership issues can and should be addressed at the outset by establishing proper procedures. Fixing issues after the fact is costly and expensive.
First, there are four ...
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Who owns Christmas?

It is the season again of reindeers, Santa clause, gifts, sparkling lights, eggnog, cookies and the entire shebang! it is my favorite time of year especially because of spending time with family and friends.
For such a jolly and collective holiday can anyone monopolize the name? Well some have tried to by registering Christmas words as trademarks!
There are more than 1,400 active tra ...
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New Year's Resolution: Trademark Your name or logo!

It is a new year, it’s a new start after a very long 2020! Many of you and us:) have started businesses during 2020 and this article will help put your new business on the right foot to maximize the benefits of trademark registrations, whether for your newly created name or logo!
Logo’s give companies’ instant recognition with consumers and when properly created, built and ...
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Smart Ways to Build Brand Awareness

A brand is an identity and vice versa, increasing awareness helps with exposure, sales growth and expansion what all of us startups need. buying and placing ads left right and center is a way to increase awareness, but it is costly and if not done strategically will be less effective on a dollar spent basis. We have been thinking of how to raise brand awareness for our startup and after a lot of r ...
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To trademark or Not to trademark your Name!

We are very proud of our family names and it’s very strong especially in our Arabic culture, so using our family name as a trademark is helpful after all who does not know Mansour, Al Futtaim, Olayan, Abdul Latif Jameel, Al Ghurair, Alghanim and Zamil? But it also has its downsides;
-         You can’t stop others with the same family nam ...
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Trademark renewal rules in the European Union

Validity of an EU Trademark: 
A European Union trademark is valid for 10 years.
Process for trademark renewal in for an EU trademark:
The renewal request can be done using the EUIPO's online request form. EUIPO will inform the owner or their representative Six months before expiry of the registration that the registration is due for renewal. The legal representative sha ...
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Trademark renewal rules in the United States of America USA

In the United States, a trademark has to be renewed every ten years. If the mark is still being used between the 5th and the 6th year after it was registered, then the registration can be renewed. To do so, the owner must file the maintenance documents required by the (USPTO) within the adequate time frames and to meet the legal requirements for the trademark to be renewed as follows:
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What symbol to use for your trademark?

Registering your trademark in the country you set up your business is in an amazing step to differentiate yourself and start having a loyal following. entrepreneurs and businesses are often very confused about what markings to use to represent the status of their trademark registration.
While naming and symbols seem easy and straight forward, to use and apply, the fact that trademark laws a ...
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